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The online registration system (REGISTRATION GATEWAY) streamlines the process in a user-friendly way that promotes greater efficiency, organization, and records management.  The system can be accessed anywhere that supports an internet connection. 


Need a little help before you get started? Please visit our online tutorial session: Review The Online Tutorial

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I need help getting my son registered for 5th grade. I have already done Step 1 of registration, and withdrew him from Avondale Elementary. This website is very confusing, and not user friendly. How do I set up an appointment to drop off his birth certificate, our proof of residence and his packet of information from Avondale? 


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It will not let me update my information to registration she is a returning student. An when I log in access is denied.

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I can't update my information I have two returning students

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Everytime I log in it's telling me access denied

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hello this website wont let me access in login In for my son register in school how can I apply him in the current kindergarten class.

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It keeps telling me I'm not allowed on the website

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Still can't register my kids for school

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I have been trying to register my kids for two weeks! What's wrong with the system??

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I need help register my son for school

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I need help to register my daughter.

I need to apply for a transfer to a new school for both my kids.

I'm having a hard time registering my son for school this is the fourth time I have tried to use this system. Is there another way to register my son for school besides using this site? I would appreciate if someone get help with the process. 

I'm having a hard time trying to register my children for school.
Can not update my child's registration

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