Online Registration

The online registration system (REGISTRATION GATEWAY) streamlines the process in a user-friendly way that promotes greater efficiency, organization, and records management.  The system can be accessed anywhere that supports an internet connection. 


Need a little help before you get started? Please visit our online tutorial session: Review The Online Tutorial

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I have been trying to register my sister for my mom for over a week . I have reset my password for my email and everything. it says on the website to use the student id number and child's birthdate but that is not working at all.

The system is not letting me register my child what do I need to do
Can't register this needs to be corrected
Exactly they changed it from last year I had no problem then
This is just awful! Why provide online registration if the system doesn't work?! I've tried to register my kids for a month now and contacting the school doesn't help at all. Hopefully there will be no issues for my returning students seeing as though it's the school systems fault.
I hope not mine are returning as well
My son is new to bush hills academy and i need help registering him for school
This website "SUCKS" (that's not what i wanted to say) it is not beneficial at ALL. It has no links to online registration. This process is suppose to be easier IT'S FULL OF SHIT!!!! And you still have to go to the school and complete paperwork


I'm not able to register my child online and I also tried going to the school and the access is down to the site
I've also tried registration and it want let me
I called my child school this morning I was told the website is down and they don't no when it will be back up
I need help to register my daughter.

I need to apply for a transfer to a new school for both my kids.

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